I auditioned for a play, which was not nearly as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. My legs still shook in that pitiful way they do when you’re forced to stand in front of a crowd, but I tried to distract from that as much as possible by having a strong voice.

I also realised what losers drama kids are, and I say that fondly. They’re just fantastically lame losers. I read with a boy named André who was tall, russet-skinned and blue eyed and had a nasal, American accent that I at first thought he was putting on and then later realised is his actual accent. He was lovely and we were awkward, but the scene called for that. I also became friends with a girl named Oslana who’s Ukrainian and when I told her I’ve been to Odessa we shared a nice moment of ‘it’s such a small world!’ness. I’m glad we spoke after all. It’s unlikely they’ll take first years on, but I needed to stick my head out just for the experience.  

Nicole came with me to audition but every time I was sent out to read before going on, she was auditioned so I missed out on seeing her. But I’m glad she was there. It was good getting lost with someone, and pretending to be confident about the entire process because someone needed me to. 

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